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Testimonials from all over the World...
"Kay Danes is an inspiration for giving a voice to the oppressed and unjustly accused of the world, and for shedding light on the struggles faced by the Afghan people, particularly women and children."- WHO Magazine
"Thank God for brave people like Kay Danes who dare to venture beyond the safe zones to tell the stories of those who matter most"- Josh Rushing, Al Jazeera's Fault Lines TV Series (Washington DC).
"For the past 15 years I have secured the services of some of the most dynamic and professional speakers and trainers in Australia, with six or more speakers each year. Five minutes after Kay commenced her presentation, every person in the room was silent and dumbfounded with the content of Kay's message and the humility and humour she showed in her delivery. I have never been more surprised and impressed by any other speaker and can thoroughly recommend Kay to any organization in need of an inspirational presentation" -Tom Budgen -NEIS Manager at Career Employment Australia Inc. (2013)

'It's great to hear her stories and the wonderful humor she puts behind them.
She's a great speaker and I always enjoy listening to her'
- Diane Carter, International Author 'Dare to Live'.


'What a presentation Kay's got. What a great story!'
- Normie Rowe, musician and pop legend.

"Kay Danes is to me, an empowered woman, as well as a great role model for young women. Her ordeal is a difficult and life changing one, and for her to step up and do something about the issue on a large scale, looking at the situation on a whole, was incredibly brave." - Priya Francis 2013 (Empowered Women) (Source)

"Kay is an inspirational delightful speaker who presents with confidence, clarity and a wealth of experience. I recommend her highly as a motivational speaker." Thubten Chokyi, Director at Liberation Prison Project.

'Kay's a fantastic speaker and I really admire where she's been and what she's done.'
- Gary Smalley, Director of GMR Security Service.
'I know few people who have as much to say and can say it as well as Kay Danes can.'
- Geoff Barker, TV Actor.
'What a wonderful woman you are! So good and an honour to meet you'.
- Emma Nicholas, first woman to walk the entire length of the Great Wall of China.

Congratulations and deepest admiration for your extreme bravery!'
- Liz Davenport, Australia's most successful fashion designers
'Wow, what a pleasure to meet you!'
- Fiona Coote, Australia's second heart transplant recipient.


"Kay is one of Australia's leading humanitarians with a story to tell that will leave you breathless. Very few can speak with the authority of having experienced such horrors and not only survived but gone on to live a life of service for the betterment of the community.

From a prison cell in Laos, to the halls of power in the US congress, humanitarian work in war torn Afghanistan, to the daily struggles of delivering support and assistance to those in need. Kay delivers an unparalleled insight into the trauma and troubles of the world and a motivational story of how to overcome both personally while also guiding others towards justice"

- Martin Hodgson, Editor at 1 Deadly Nation
“Kay is one of the most energetic and diligent people I have ever met.Her enthusiasm for all that she does is inspiring and whether through the written or spoken word she commands attention and respect" Yasmine Grey, Director of Gray Media Services.
“Kay is a prolific worker in the Humanitarian field, and I have been involved in many activities with her through Rotary where she was the driving force for change. Her writing is compelling, and provides an insight into her experiences in Laos and Afghanistan that highlight the plight of the people in those countries. Kay is also a tireless worker for the causes of our Troops and Defence Families.”
- Glenn Irvine, Founder & Chief Instructor, Kodomon Karate-Do

“I feel honoured that I know Kay Danes, whom I know on many fronts and as a speaker/author myself; have only absolute respect for her work. In fact, she has helped me on my own journey. Kay is an amazing networker, who gives tirelessly – which of course makes her such a giving humanitarian. It constantly astounds me how much she has done, given and helped – a true inspiration. And of course, as a speaker and writer, she completely engages her audience with her authenticity and genuine passion for whatever subject she is speaking or writing. Her delivery is professional, entertaining and I believe it would be more than fair to say she is an expert in her field. I truly wish her every success.” -Donna Stone, Senior Certified Consultant/Director, Stone Consulting (business partner)
“Kay is one of the most dynamic people I have ever worked with. Her professionalism, happy nature, hard work and passion for life is hard to match. If I wanted to get something done right, I'd ask Kay. She is unstoppable and I loved working with her and hope to do so again' - Bessie Bardot, Australian Top Model, TV host and Businesswoman.

“Kay - a great humanitarian with a marvellous positive outlook on life. Works tirelessly for the good of disadvantaged women - great writer and speaker. A wonderful mate!' - Tony Carter,CEO, Carter Business Solutions
“Kay Danes brings a big heart and beautiful soul to every project she works on. I have never, in my 40 years of work in TV and Film, met someone as intelligent, passionate and resilient as Kay. She not only is a survivor but Kay helps us find the survivor in all of us. She has truly been a blessing for people she has touched around the world. This is just beginning, for my truly remarkable friend.” - Dennis Beauchamp - Freelance Films. July 9, 2011

"I have heard Kay's presentations on different occasions and in different situations. She speaks well and is articulate. She knows her subject well and makes is come alive for the audience. Kay engages her audience and you can imagine yourself in her shoes, although I hope I never have to travel in her shoes!" - Judy Hutcherson, Assistant District Governor at Rotary District 5840 (USA)

"Kay is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. She comes across with true heart and soul to everyone she meets and I can highly recommend her as a passionate motivational speaker for any event she attends." Kristine Matheson, Cancer to Wellness Director

"I have had the pleasure of working with Kay Danes and hearing her personal accounts of challenging experiences in Laos and later in Afghanistan. She is an inspiration and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She has published two books on her experiences and these are also highly recommended." Paul Dillon Medical Director. 

What others have to Say

Thank you (Kay) most sincerely for your speaking presentations at recent Leukaemia Foundation of QLD events.

Your presentations do indeed hit the mark as they relate to your own humanitarian drives, hopes and ambitions, born out of real life experiences, to those of our audiences who all share similar passions for the Foundations “Mission to Care and Vision for Cure” often emanating from their own life experiences with this terrible group of blood related diseases.  

Your message of hope and compassion is so relevant in today’s “mad” egocentric society and I know gives your audience great hope for the future – we here at the Foundation share this hope and compassion for all folk with any form of leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma or any other blood related disease.

Thank You again Kay and we wish you well in all your future endeavours.

Kind Regards


Hedley Lockyer  |  Community Relations Manager

Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland

Thank you Kay for your presentation to the Redlands Probus Club. This was one of the best "Ladies Days" we have had and your presentation was very well received. The fact that you actually experienced the events you described added considerable weight to what you said. The additional information displayed by Power Point made everyone aware of possible dangers when traveling overseas. I'm sure the information you provided has not only made us more aware of possible hostility to travelers but also given us cause to consider the plight of those who have, and are, suffering unjustly. With your ease of presentation and your engaging personality we feel sure you will be much in demand as a speaker. We wish you well in your future endeavours.

Denis J.Pickwell

President Redlands Probus Club

Kay brings to the subject matter a clarity that can only be gained through personal experience. Her dedication to help others via her writing and speaking is commendable. Recently I had the pleasure of (re)introducing Kay, and daughter Jessica to former foreign affairs minister Alexander Downer. Mr Downer worked tirelessy to have Kay and Kerry freed from their detention in Laos. It was a special moment to see them meet face to face for the first time.

Andrew Laming, Australian Government
Federal Member for Bowman

Once again I would like to express my gratitude to Kay Danes for her care and insight into the feelings of hopelessness and distress caused by loss of freedom coupled with inhumane treatment. She could have breathed a big sigh of relief when she was free from Laos, and put it behind her..instead she has made helping others the focus of her life. As usual, whenever I read the Foreign Prisoner Support Website my heart breaks. I wish I could sweep everybody up in my arms and comfort them. I can't do that but Kay is doing more than that. She extends hope and support to those who are languishing in perpetual despair. Her words of comfort to me have been invaluable. I hope that the cause and crusade that she has set herself upon will grow and effectively bring about better conditions and hope for those of us on the 'inside and outside'.

Shirley Morris, [Durham, UK]

Campaign for Alan Hodgson [My Son]

Dear Kay and Kerry,

After reading your book I can only feel sorrow and sadness for the treatment you endured and the pain and indignity you were forced to suffer at the hands of the corrupt Laos. Even more so because upon gaining your freedom, in what was the most unjust way, you left behind scores of individuals scarred for life in that god-forsaken place, who still endure to this day. Maybe in some small way - the pain and sacrifice you were forced to endure was set before you so that so many others could benefit from your hardship. Whilst what you endured should never be visited on any human being, and by the virtue of your morals, you least deserved such a treatment, at least you may take solace in that from the ashes of your suffering comes respite. At least in some way, whatever measure to those whose life you touched whilst incarcerated.

I haven't had much time to look through your site and only finished your book at 4am this morning (late for work yes!), however I lived in Thailand for nearly two years before moving to Australia from England. I have many Thai and Laos friends here. I feel moved by your experience knowing that any one of those people in that country could have ended up in this situation. Even if all I can do is offer my support and prayers to you over email I felt compelled to write.

Personally you have so lost much in that terrible journey that you both made during your time locked up within the Laos Gulag but through your experience comes light and hope to a world of darkness. If God moves in mysterious ways then maybe he chose you both as his messengers because of your ability to survive and your decency and integrity. Maybe if he had a plan to enlighten the world on this injustice, you two were the brave ones he entrusted with such an important duty. You have brought untold and yet unknown help and hope into the life of so many of those you touched on and probably many more you will never meet. God bless you both - this world is a better place with people like you in it.

Adrian Lister - Australia

Dear Mrs. Kay Danes,

I am inspired by your story. Knowing that you had witness and suffered first hand under the Lao Communist Government's human rights violations moves me to contact you. I thank you for your ongoing fight for the freedoms of those who do not have it in Laos.  I pray for your support in fighting for the Human Rights of the Hmong in the Jungles.  I have no real voice, but I know that with your experience and voice, you will be heard by the US Congress and President. They need people who have witnessed and experience the horrible treatment from the Lao Government to make them aware that the issues.

Kind regards,
Reona L. Vang
[United States of America]

"I could never have gotten through this living nightmare without Kay's support and encouragement over the last 2 years! Thanks, again for everything, especially the strength and determination I have because I have seen Kay survive and go on to do so much good for those that desperately need her wisdom!"
Mother of Randy Sachs,
Canadian detained in Vietnam

The course of Kay Danes' life changed dramatically the day she was thrown into prison along with her husband, both quite innocent and should never have been there. Nowadays, Kay spends most of her time trying to let the world know about the conditions of these prisons where many of the inmates languish unknown to the world outside. Kay works hard to inform the world about her real life nightmare experiences. She is an amazing woman with a spine of steel and a compassionate spirit. She has won my admiration.

Anne McLaren
Perth, Western Australia

My life has changed thanks to Kay and thanks to God. Thanks to Kay for opening my eyes to the forgotten constant suffering of human beings who deserve dignity and humane treatment. Thanks to God for changing me without the hell of knowing the real plight of prison in a foreign land. I call myself a Prayer Advocate....one that pleads the cause of another because for right now that is what I do. In the future, I see lives changing because of mine. Thank you Kay for what you do, have done and will continue to do for those you promised to never forget when you were released. For their families and for all those who have never even heard of Kay Danes or Foreign Prisoner Support Service, there are many who are being helped by the hell you were subjected to. Thank you also for helping me. In my own simple pain of hurting for others I intend to help. May your life be long and healthy as you are a true GEM.

Gloria Moss - Seattle, WA USA

Thanks for all your help and support - it really encourages us to keep going as there are times when we just feel so helpless and useless.

Kind regards
Tony and Lorna Aggett - UK


Professional Endorsments

Staff and students of Sunshine Coast TAFE (Community Services Faculty) were excited and honoured to have Kay Danes as a guest speaker in October 2006. Kay's moving presentation was a powerful lesson for students and staff alike, addressing so many themes simultaneously such as:

  • a.. Advocacy
    b.. Human rights
    c.. Cultural appropriateness
    d.. Communication
    e.. Compassion
    f.. Hope, courage and resilience
    g.. Making a difference
    h.. Implications for each person's current or future community work practice
    i.. Parallel experiences of many indigenous Australians

All in attendance were deeply appreciative of Kay's willingness to talk candidly and openly. Her descriptive and skilful articulation of her experiences gave the listener a "fly-on-the-wall" perspective of third-world political processes and prisons, yet Kay was careful to respect the emotional safety of listeners.

Kay Danes's presentation and message is for everyone: students of human and community services; current community workers; teachers and lecturers; senior secondary students; and all socially aware community members. I would go further than to simply recommend Kay - I challenge you to experience the discomfort of Kay's story. I am confident that you will be rewarded with the power of knowing that you can make a difference.

Community Work Team (Community Services Faculty)
Sunshine Coast TAFE

Four words come to my mind when I think of Kay Danes, they are, Strength, Integrity, Justice and Courage. She is an exemplary speaker who heightens the frequency of the human conscience through her presentations. Kay Danes is engaging from the moment she speaks and immediately takes her audience on a journey into the deepest thoughts, feelings and experiences of people, the world over, who have been silenced through fear, injustice and those who have been disempowered by traumatic events.

Kay's experiences as a former political prisoner give her an insight that few have and because of this, Kay is obviously compelled to offer assistance to others in need. It is apparent that human right violations and social injustices affect her profoundly but she speaks with authenticity and conviction whilst at the same time, allows her audience to draw their own conclusions. Kay has a quiet strength, an incorruptible sense of integrity, a profound sense of justice and fearlessness in seeking to build a better world.

Kay's diplomatic efforts have earned her the respect, and the ear of, some of the world's most prominent individuals and government figures. She has put the face on human rights in both Australia and Internationally. The manner Kay presents herself ensures the gentle truth behind her words can be heard - striking at the hearts and consciences of people who could not otherwise be reached. The amount of advancement in human rights Kay has been able to achieve in the 5 years since she gained her freedom from communist Laos has been nothing short of astounding.

I convened a Community Forum: Transcending Abuse, for which, Kay kindly agreed to be our opening speaker. Within minutes, Kay captured the audiences' attention and held it throughout. She set an exceptionally productive, constructive tone for the entire event. I was not at all surprised, when after the event I was contacted by numerous audience members who were deeply affected by Kay's life-changing, thought-provoking messages, wanting to know more about what they could do in their community to help others. Kay stimulates community spirit and arouses the determination to make the world a better place for all.

I believe Kay Danes is destined to continue to change the world in very positive ways.

Cassandra Steer
President of the Redland Family Support Initiative

During 2005 and 2006 I have been in occasional contact with Kay Danes in relation to advocacy issues. In November of 2006 I met with Kay Danes personally and attended a Tertiary institution seminar in Queensland, Australia where Kay was an invited guest speaker. It was clearly evident that Kay Danes' dedication for the deliverance of equitable justice for human rights, is testimonial to her determination to advocate and personally assist individuals and communities whom are at risk of harm at an international level.

Kay Danes voluntary commitment and dedication extends to those incarcerated in foreign prisons and who suffer deprivation of rights and may be subjected to abuse. This voluntary assistance and support Kay extends to the families of those persons held in a foreign prison.

I encourage humanitarian sectors and Tertiary institutions to invite Kay Danes as a specialist speaker to increase knowledge of foreign humanitarian processes and to heighten the awareness of humanitarian issues that many people may not know exist. Kay has credibility, integrity and represents the epiphany of human spirit and personal courage that she has earned through personal experience.

Russell. S. Treweek
Dip. Community Welfare Work (Aust)
Advocate for Child Protection.

Kay Danes is testimony to resilience, dedicating a great deal of her life to advocating human rights for people all over the world. Her experiences in the Laos jail changed her life forever but in helping others, Kay accepts her vulnerability in reliving her trauma. She has learned that coping with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), can be a daily challenge.

Kay has turned what for many would have been a totally debilitating experience, to a reflection of strength and determination to make a difference. She is an example of the power of one, of intelligent advocacy and dogged determination to make change.

Dawn Spinks
Queensland Safe Communities Support Centre (QSCSC)


Many thanks for making yourself available to talk to our staff about some of your unforgettable experiences and of the work that you are now dedicated to for the benefit of all people, particularly those in unfortunate circumstances of oppression and fear. We wish you well and in our own efforts to help the poor in our neighborhood, we feel a certain amount of empathy and concern. Hopefully those in need, be it political, material even spiritual, will feel the helping hand of good people. May your work be a constant challenge as well as a source of great satisfaction.

Brother Brian Cunningham
Boystown Family Care (Qld)

For Laotians all over the free world Kay Danes is a household word. We speak of her with affection, a sense of gratitude and hope. The sad and frightening story of how Kerry and Kay Danes fell victims to and suffered under the lack of justice and rule of law in the Lao People's Democratic Republic [Lao PDR] is familiar to many of us who care about human rights. It is a story of arbitrary arrest, detention without charge, trial without due process, horrendous prison conditions, brutal inhumane treatment of prisoners and torture, which has, over the last three decades under a one-party dictatorship, grossly violated the human rights of thousands of people, Laotians and foreigners alike.
The interest of the international press in the Danes case did raise public awareness  but it was not until Kay launched herself wholeheartedly to right those wrongs that the human rights situation in the Lao PDR became visible on the radar screen of world policy makers. No sooner than she regained freedom, Kay began helping her fellow political prisoners through a the Foreign Prisoner Support Service. It is a major link among human rights movements around the world.

Despite the risk of personal safety and the personal expense of energy, time and money and despite the painful memory of her ordeal, Kay travelled to Washington DC [2002] to help Lao freedom and human rights organizations around the world to establish our Organization, ULAC, as a coordinating center. Through the US and international media, Kay let the world as well as the US Congress in on the terrible secretive abuses going on in Laos. One year later, Kay travelled across the world to follow up with the US Congress to plead the case for victims of human rights abuses in the Lao PDR. She tirelessly presented the case with the State Department, including the US Ambassador to the Lao PDR, Mr. Douglas Hartwick. She went knocking on doors of members of both the House and Senate. Apart from Kay Danes' tenacious commitment and personal sacrifice, what is so extraordinary about her advocacy is that she is dedicating her energy, efforts and activities totally to other victims, those she has bonded with whom she calls 'kin and friends' as well as those she never met.

In her public statements as well as private conversation, the words she spoke were often accompanied by tears. They were tears of compassion and tears of urgent concern for others who are languishing in the Lao gulags without any future. Those of us who have come in touch with her, love and admire and think of her most for this. Kay Danes is not a fire-breathing podium-thumping advocate for human rights. She tells it like it is, quietly, and straight from the heart. To her, victims of human rights are not statistics for debate and analysed in public forums, hearings, and the media. To her they are, each and everyone, persons, human beings with dignity, capable of feeling pains and humiliations. They all are her brothers and sisters. For lack of a better phrasing, Kay has put the faces on human rights abuse in the Lao PDR.

I and my fellow Laotians both in and out of Laos, firmly believe that Kay Danes is the most effective mover we have as an ally in our long-standing struggle to give back the dignity and fundamental rights of our fellow Laotians.

Dr. Sin Vilay
Executive Director
United Lao Action Centre [ULAC]
Washington DC

We of the Lao Nationalist Reform Party, offer our profound thanks and grateful appreciation to Kay Danes for traveling to the United States, Washington DC, and giving such a moving testimony at the US Congressional Forum for Democracy and Economic Development for Laos, Oct 1, 2002.

Lieutenant Colonel Khambang Sibounheuang
Party Leader Lao Nationalist Reform Party

As we know, Kay Danes has personally experienced unlawful imprisonment in Laos. From her personal experience, and her commitment to help others in similar situations, Kay contributes greatly to the awareness and understanding of people suffering throughout the world, particularly those behind the razor wire and prisons without bars. Kay's message will pierce through even the hardest heart and the soul of her audience.

Dr Pao Saykao (M.B.; B.S.)
Victoria Australia

Our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible. And in this spirit we say, simply but sincerely thank you and best wishes. Thank you very much for your kind regards and good wishes for our democratic movement. For us here in the US, we are following up on the new sanctions against the military regime, and other tough measures, such as bringing Burma issue before the UN Security Council. We deeply appreciate your support and solidarity. Thanks a lot.
Best wishes,

Steven H. Moe
National Coalition Group for the Union of Burma - Washington, DC

Kay Danes writes about the foul and appalling conditions in the jail inhabited by both Laotian nationals and foreign prisoners. She recounts witnessing the effects of senseless and brutal psychological and physical torture and the complete disregard for human rights. This information is unsettling with its implications of the lack of assistance and justice for foreign prisoners. The desperation of many of the inmates, whose crimes were often minor or manufactured, lends an urgent intensity to the writing.

Kay Danes writes of the unwavering resolve of her husband, and of her frustrated but gritty manoeuvring to improve conditions in the jail. All of this occurs during a desperate time, of isolation far from children, family and friends. Kay gives due credit to the efforts of her father, the diplomatic approaches by the Department of Foreign Affairs in Australia and the Herculean task of the senior members of the Australian Embassy in Laos, which eventually brought about their release.

In the conclusion, Danes writes of the promise made to prisoners to work for their rights after she has gained her freedom. She relates some of the successes she has had since that time and of some of the extraordinary reconciliations brought about by her efforts on behalf of foreign prisoners.

Gina Louis, Author and Talent Agent (Australia)

Reader Book Reviews

‘It’s a shame so much reporting is done on Afghanistan and so little of it is from the Afghans’ point-of-view. Thank God for brave people like  Kay Danes who dare to venture beyond the safe zones to tell the stories of those who matter most in Afghanistan’ – Josh Rushing co-host Al Jazeera’s Fault Lines Series, bestselling author Mission Al-Jazeera

Beneath the Pale Blue Burqa: "A brave book written by a brave woman, but it is the courage of the Afghan women in the face of so many social atrocities that tugs at the heart and makes one reflect on the many aspects of the desperate situation that exists in that country. Nothing brings it home more than the words of those that are living the nightmare. Kay brings the confronting issue of what is happening to the Afghan people, and most particularly to its women, well and truly to the fore in a way that’s not been done before. A very thought provoking book" – Yasmine Grey, Director, Gray Media Services

“In a country with few paved roads, a dirt poor, illiterate population blighted with poverty, disease, and violence, it is rare to find foreign reporters who will work outside the safe bubble of Kabul. As a result, Afghanistan’s people, culture, and traditions remain unknown to the world, or reduced to crude stereotypes. Kay Danes is one the few internationals who are determined to make a difference and brave enough to go outside the international “security bubble” to see for herself how the ordinary Afghans are fairing in post Taliban Afghanistan. She brings us back a delightful, informative story with wit, charm, a little humour and a lot of important information. One can only hope there are more people like her setting their sights on making a difference in difficult lands like Afghanistan.”

– Tim Lynch, Vigilant Strategic Service Afghanistan.


"Kay writes from the heart, and her experience of life as a prisoner in Laos makes compelling reading."- Margaret Reynolds, National President United Nations of Australia

This book reinforces the belief shared by a number of Western embassies here that the Lao regime includes some ugly figures, not much better than the generals in Rangoon. A book like this, exposing the dark underbelly of Laos, is a stark contrast to the country's tourist promotions and the gentle manner of the bulk of its people. In the beginning one gets the impression that Kay Danes is playing a game with soldiers, blissfully unaware of the risks. At the end of the 10-month confinement and separation from her young children, she seems close to emotional breakdown. But you fully understand why she is campaigning on behalf of those suffering such outrageous cruelty and neglect in Asian jails.

Paul O'Brien, United Kingdom

What a compelling story. It is the realisation of every parent's worst fears and nightmares--being taken away from your children and left in a place that seems alien and cruel. The horrifying accounts of cruelty and suffering shocked me. I felt that one of the strongest elements of the book was the author's realisation of the extent to which the people suffer, particularly the Hmong, and the determination that grew in her to help tell their story. This book appeals to anybody who has ever felt fear--and that is everybody. It's about losing everything but the support of family and friends, and realising that that is the most valuable thing any of us can have. It has drama, action, political intrigue, tension, sorrow and joy, and is at its centre an inspirational story about never giving up, and fighting for what you believe in. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Jenny Robertson, United Kingdom

Kay and Kerry Danes story is an extraordinary journey. What they experienced as innocent people is dismaying. What other people incarcerated with them on false or no charges, was disturbing. As was the plight of political prisoners who simply, for having an opinion, are made to suffer through the most awful treatment; and for those prisoners who are guilty of crimes, there is still no excuse for denying them basic human rights. I will not forget this story or the wonderful characters that Kay encountered. I hope one day that there will be a time when no-one has to suffer, as they are, such violations of human rights.

Liza S.
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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