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Kay Danes toured the United States to launch two books ‘Families Behind Bars’ and ‘Standing Ground’ as published by New Holland Publishers in Australia. Special thanks to all those who provided specific support to Kay Danes and thus making her journey possible. Kay made several guest appearances on radio and television programs across America, among these were;

Kay Danes (left), Sheng Xiong (Centre), Philip Smith (Right), Executive Director of the Centre for Public Policy and Analysis.

Mrs. Sheng Xiong is a Hmong-American citizen from Minnesota; married to Mr. Hakit Yang who was arrested and imprisoned in Laos in 2007 by Lao military and security forces along with two other U.S. citizens, of Hmong descent.

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US Lawyer and long time friend (Paul Wolf) left, Kay Danes, Philip Smith and TASSC representative, Elizabeth. TASSC is the Torture Abolition Survivor Support Coalition that now offer support to the Lao and Lao-Hmong people exiled in the United States. www.tassc.org

"The ordeal of Kerry and Kay Danes in the mysterious and exotic land of Laos is, perhaps most importantly, a unique human saga of love, courage, honor, heroism and the triumph of hope in the face of overwhelming odds against a ruthless Stalinist regime," Philip Smith said about her new book "Standing Ground."

US Congressional Forum April 2009
The event was cosponsored by U.S. Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) and other Members of Congress, the Center for Public Policy Analysis, the United League for Democracy in Laos, the Lao Veterans of America, the Lao Human Rights Council and a coalition of non-governmental organizations. Stop the torture in Laos, stop the violation of human rights!

TASSC representatives also addressed the US Congressional Forum at the invitation of Philip Smith. Torture Abolition Survivor Support Coalition www.tassc.org
"Kay Danes has played an important leadership role on key international human rights and humanitarian issues, especially with regard to the Lao Peoples Democratic Republic (LPDR) and Afghanistan," said Philip Smith, Executive Director for the Center for Public Policy Analysis.

61st Conference on World Affairs Boulder, Colorado, 6 - 10 April 2009.
At the Conference on World Affairs, Kay Danes generated overwhelming awareness on issues of genocide, slavery, torture and the plight of political prisoners in Burma, and the plight of Laotian and Hmong refugees in Thailand and Laos. Her presentations were made to an audience of over 80,000. The Conference organizers said that Kay was one of their most popular panelists.

"The Laotian and Hmong community in the United States, including political and religious dissidents and human rights activists, warmly welcome Kay Danes' visit to the United States and the publication of her new book on the serious problems in Laos that she and many other people face under the abusive LPDR military regime," stated Bounthanh Rathigna, President of the United League for Democracy in Laos, Inc.

Kay highlighted the devastating issues of child sex slavery, teenage prostitution, and the violence against women and children.

'She is a voice for the voiceless'
– Philip Smith, Executive Director of Centre for Public Policy Analysis and former National Security and Foreign Policy Advisor to US Congress.

New York Radio
Kay Danes was a special guest on the popular Joey Reynolds New York City Radio Program. She talked about her experiences and those families she represents all over the world, as highlighted in her book ‘Families Behind Bars’. Travel safety was high on her agenda and for citizens of the world to become more diligent when travelling to foreign countries.

From the Redlands Shire in Brisbane… Kay Danes continues to make a global impact and proves that we cannot ever dream too big!

Soldier of Fortune
Lt Colonel (Retired) Robert Brown interviewed Kay Danes for an up and coming edition of the famous Soldier of Fortune Magazine. Kay has a strong connection with the military, both past and present. She is able to use her awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to assist Veterans and current serving members. Kay is also a proud member of the American Military Writer’s Association and the American Authors Association.

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