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'Courage, stamina, bravery in the face of fear, hope when the dark is deepest -- that's Afghan women. Because Kay Danes, from her own life experience, shares these characteristics, they talk the same language. Afghan women open up to her. Remarkable stories; an eye-opening book.'
-Bill Rowlings, CEO, Civil Liberties Australia

Beneath The Pale Blue Burqa

One woman's journey through Taliban Strongholds by Kay Danes

Beneath The Pale Blue Burqa is an inspiring true story told by one of Australia's best known humanitarians. Kay Danes sheds light on the struggles faced by the Afghan people, particularly women and children.

In November 2008, burying the haunting memories of a hostage ordeal in Laos, in a plight to ease the suffering of Afghan women and children, Kay Danes embarked on a humanitarian aid mission into war-torn Afghanistan. Beneath The Pale Blue Burqa is Kay's incredible story of travelling the ancient silk route through Taliban strongholds in a dusty Toyota Hiace, delivering life changing aid to people devastated by war.

Kay Danes is one of the few internationals that have travelled outside the safe bubble of Kabul. Her readiness to venture outside the accepted boundaries allows us to see the impact on Afghans and a real perspective of post Taliban Afghanistan.

Along her journey Kay;

Experienced the terror of roadside interrogations by the Afghan police. Witnessed the awe of the US marines in full force patrolling for insurgents. Was heartened to visit Universities finally back in operation, where girls were studying alongside boys. Delivered books to Nangarhar women's prison - met with prison officials to discuss opportunities for support. Conducted health and education seminars with fellow Rotarians. Saw the positive outcomes of the establishment of poultry farms sponsored by an American Rotary Club. Stayed in Osama Bin Laden's Kabul home (he wasn't there).

"The western media tend to give a snapshot of Afghanistan that focuses only on one aspect, the war. I want to show people the other side, the progress being made, the hope, the courage and resilience of the people." - Kay Danes.

'Soldiers wives aren't supposed to go to a war zone. With her empathy and  compassion for the women and children of Afghanistan, Kay Danes is one woman who brought their story out of the war zone and into our living rooms.' - Gordon Trail,Editor - Peacekeeper Veterans Association

'Thank you for being brave enough to visit my country Kay, and to share your journey with us. Yours is an important contribution that will enable others a rare glimpse of places they may never visit and of people they may never meet.'
- His Excellency Dr. Amanullah Jayhoon, Ambassador for the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Australia.


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“Kay Danes is an inspiration for giving a voice to the oppressed and unjustly accused of the world, and for shedding light on the struggles faced by the Afghan people, particularly women and children.”

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(Foreword by the Ambassador of Afghanistan to Australia)
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